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David Bock

Graphics & Design

About Me

I’ve earned a BSc in Bioanthropology and a diploma in Graphic Design.

An interest in computers and the Internet from an early age has informed my wide range of interests. I’ve explored the fields of photography, film & animation, game design, writing & illustrating comics, music and vandalism. Plus others!

When it comes to design, I prefer to think of myself as a full-stack creative; I have experience in branding, copywriting, illustrating, video editing & production, project management, app design, front & back-end web development, type design...and I’m game to learn just about anything.

I’m for hire.

About this Site

My first inkling of what design was came from building my first websites. I've had a website since about 2003 when I was about 14. I used my pal Tania Rascia’s Primitive framework along with my own HTML, CSS, JQuery and a quick and dirty PHP content management system.

On the surface, this site is my graphic design portfolio—but in the spirit of the weird and labyrinthine homepage, there will increasingly be extras to explore.