David Bock

Concept & Execution

DIALUP Media Project

Technostalgia. If you had to sum up DIALUP magazine in one made-up word, that would be it. We have real relationships with technologies, and that relationship deserves to be celebrated.

DIALUP Magazine came about as a concept for a cross-publication which would have both a print and web presence. My interest in technology, both physical and digital, is manifest in the genetic makeup of the magazine, which celebrates everything from ENIAC to Snapchat… and beyond.

The creation of the magazine required the creation of a masthead, developing typography, and taking original photography, and editing those photos using filters and treatments which evoke the sense of technologies come and gone.

To create additional expressions of the DIALUP identity, I conceived DIALUP Format Festival, a public exhibition of art and technology.

DIALUP Format Festival expressions using custom-made typefaces Landline and Diskette



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