David Bock

Concept & Execution

Pardon My French: Swearris Bueller

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is probably my favourite movie of all time. I have watched it dozens of times probably and since I was much younger than Ferris, I admired his laissez-faire attitude. I've always been much more of a Cameron.

An infographic was to be developed for the iPhone and I chose FBDO as my subject. When I was analyzing the film more deeply for potential infographic content, I learned many things, one of which being that despite being coming-of-age classics, the “questionable language” in FBDO—and other John Hughes films—was usually the cause for their PG-13 or R ratings.

The infographic is intended to be as colourful and fun as the movie. There really is a considerable amount of cursing in this movie, but we’re teenagers damnit! That’s how we really talk!



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