David Bock

Concept & Execution

Flag Systems

Every country has a flag. Some flags are known internationally and celebrated, some are obscure. Some flags are hundreds of years old and some are brand new. All of them reveal unique insight into the history and design sensibility of nations. Flag Systems is a series of books which examine various phenomena in flag design.

Book 1 examines national flags, the stories behind them, and uses them as a entry point into examining the greater sphere of design and culture. Book 2 envisions famous brands—from Corona to NASA—as flat, graphic flags. Book 3 is a work book for the creation of new flags.

Stylistically the series is as colourful and flat as the flags it is inspired by. Each book is three-hole punched for insertion into a binder. As the Flag Systems series grows, new books can be collected and added.

The imagined flags of Adidas and Kodak in book 2, Brand Flags.



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