David Bock

Concept & Execution

Landline & Diskette:
Faces out of Time

Landline and Diskette are a pair of sibling typefaces created for another of my projects, DIALUP magazine. This meant examining what the values of DIALUP are really about—in short: honouring technology, new and old, and its place within culture.

I created two typefaces from opposite ends of the typographic spectrum; a traditional slab-serif harkening to the era of woodblock type (Landline), and a geometric oddball taking inspiration from the avant garde stylings of Herb Lubalin (Diskette).

Both typefaces are built on the same basic geometry, so despite their different outward appearances, they share a deep structure which allows them to play together, mixing old with new—and despite being new original typefaces, they both feel familiar.

The typographic expressions reflect the fascination with technology in a variety of formats, both print and digital, as well as the way the pairing can work together in unique ways.



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